Miserable without chuckle…


Salam everybody, there’s be a long time, aku tak blogging lagi, apekah yang terjadi sebenarnya?


That word just came up on my mind when I open word to compose my new entry for my lovely blog. He, miserable maksudnya tak senang dalam bahasa, maybe kamus lain lagi panjang maksudnya, maklumlah laptop aku ni guna e-kamus je, huhu.

For your information, blog ini adalah blog yang baru dibuka semula selepas kematian domain blog aku yang rasminya ,mesmerising1.com. Blog ini juga dah lama ada sebelum kewujudan domain tu lagi.

Maybe sudah ditakdirkan aku tak guna domain itu lagi, or maybe aku dah malas nak going on with the blog, because of some problems.

So now I have to start a new life, new blog, maybe another domain, who knows, but at this moment I still using this blog for sharing some information and problems to anybody that will accidentally hit this domain or suddenly click this url on my facebook account, hehe.

Maybe it’s about time to forget about the past and beginning a new life with new dreams to achieve with new spirit to enhance the effort. Yeah, wish me luck everybody, because you’ve read my entry, haha…

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